The Curious Case of Intriguing Introverts

Adwait Abhyankar
5 min readJan 6, 2021


Shout out to all the introverts having their existence in this Universe. Here is documentation of my experiences of understanding & dealing with introverts with whom I consider a privilege to be surrounded by myself. The year that just passed by turned our lives upside down & was terrible for innumerable reasons- it probably deserves another blog on this, but that is a matter for some another day. In the lockdown that happened, my mind suddenly started thinking about introverts. The more I thought of it; the more fascinated I was by the intriguing aspects of these personalities.

This thought process and line of thinking led me to conclude that there was one common factor in the people who surrounded me- The majority of them turned out to be introverts. A commonly perceived notion which exists is that introverts are usually associated with stage fear or being introverted is a bad habit. To hell with that, it is just a personality type, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being one. One of the most remarkable and fascinating aspects that I noticed was the remarkable similarities in their habits and behavioural patterns.

It would be unfair to have a blanket mention of qualities in an introvert because every human is different — the different natures of every human being make each one unique and special in its way. Some of the most common qualities that we may find in any introvert are-

Introverts are sensitive. They are easily affected if things don’t go their way as they had planned it to be or if something unusual happens, or circumstances arise because of which they can get easily upset, offended, or annoyed, especially about a particular subject which they do not like to have conversations about.

Introverts hate lies. They cannot, for whatever reason, tolerate lies. Even if circumstances force a person to lie to them, such cases have no exemptions. They hate keeping secrets or manipulating things. So never lie to an introvert. A lie to an introvert is a gamble that is unlikely to pay off. In most circumstances, you would end up reducing your trust in the introvert’s eyes.

The next word that can easily be associated with introverts is short-tempered nature. All introverts are short-tempered, but all short-tempered people aren’t introverts. They also have a definite pattern in their anger. They get angry faster than the speed of a rocket. A phase of deadly stunning silence follows the anger. The next stage is disownment & ignorance-( I don’t know you.) Lastly, there is a quick meltdown of that anger, and things come back to normal. They tend to get angry and offended at an exponential rate. Be prepared to deal with their anger and lava eruption from their volcano of anger that could happen anytime, anyplace, and any day. Introverts have mood swings like a pressure cooker in seconds.

Introverts are hardcore dog lovers. If given a choice, they would even choose dogs over humans as friends or companions. Introverts are usually attracted to dogs, who tend to be the most loyal and faithful creatures and accomplices they prefer to have — very few introverts like cats. Most of them find cats to be disloyal. From an introvert’s point of view, a cat is a devil’s advocate. For them, cats are satan’s agents. Next time you meet an introvert, do not speak ill of dogs and don’t praise cats too much.

Trust forms a crucial aspect of any introvert. They are very emotional, and any breach of trust is likely to cause significant irreparable damage to any relationship. Breach of faith is one thing that hurts introverts to the core causing deep pain in the heart; the subconscious mind always keeps reminding of the wound inflicted upon by the trust breach. Therefore, they prefer to have only trustworthy people in their lives -those with whom they can share everything and anything, without fear and tension, on whom they have bountiful trusts. They find it difficult to trust people easily. They also want lots of love & care. They need reassurances from their people about them having an essential role in their lives.

Introverts usually feel lonely, isolated, and left out most of the time. Even when around people, even loved ones, sometimes they feel like they are somewhere else, alone. They try to show the outside world that they are happy and peaceful in their lives but deep down inside, they feel loneliness and isolation. That is another reason why they prefer to have trustworthy people. To remove this loneliness,

They want ppl whom they can trust. As a panacea to loneliness, they start expressing their feelings via different arts -writing, drawing, singing, painting, dancing, playing various sports, etc. But rarely would they express out to any living human person.

Introverts never like to share their vulnerabilities or odds with anyone or seek help even when they require it because they want to keep it with themselves. They are very stubborn and resilient. They will get things done the way they want those things to be done. Truly AtmaNirbhar.

The above mentioned are some of the intriguing aspects of introverts. Some or all of it could apply to most introverts. I am amazed that introverts surround me all around. Too many such persons may exist, or I have such persons having such traits in my life !! It is challenging to answer that question, but it is surreal to be surrounded by introverts.

However, one problematic area is their unique ability to cut off conversations between and misinterpret dialogues because of their short-tempered nature. That is one trouble that you would have to face while dealing with introverts.

The most intriguing aspect of introverts is their unpredictable nature. You cannot say or predict what lies next ahead of you. Introverts naturally defy other people’s expectations of how they should be. Their ability to simultaneously embody so many seemingly conflicting qualities as described above sparks confusion and a fascination for the person dealing with introverts.

It is just like taking an adventure ride at Imagica. While dealing with them, be ready for a fun-filled rollercoaster ride where you will experience all the different emotions of the human in one ride. The ride is no less than an adventure where you will face many hurdles, experience all the highs and lows, communication issues & resolutions. Still, at the end of it, it would be an experience worth a treasure and full of enjoyment, especially if you like surprises. So what are you waiting for? Fasten your seatbelts and take off in the world of introverts. They are a lovely bunch of people living life on their terms and a fantastic company to have seemingly not boring as wrongly perceived to be.



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